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unique and exceptional.


Poets Eyewear, directly manages the distribution of the eyewear collections Coco Song Eyewear, Robert Rüdger and CCS in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America and Caribbean. Along with  La Matta Eyewear in the United States,  Mexico, Central & South America and Caribbean.

Coco Song Eyewear are crafted eyewear frames which recall the mysterious culture of East Asia along with Robert Rüdger eyewear; sober, elegant and personality-rich collection of prescription frames for men & La Matta eye frames & glasses that have bold, intriguing hues with lots of personality including animal prints and colors inspired by the wild.

In partnership with  AREA98  – we opened in 2013 in Miami, where we directly manage the distribution of the eyewear collections Coco Song, Robert Rüdger & CCS in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America and Caribbean. We also distribute the eyewear range La Matta in the United States, Mexico, Central & South America  and Caribbean

Within the international marketplace Area98 has seen expansive growth in Europe and and has a strong presence in the Asian market  and non – EEC countries.

Poets Eyewear is currently seeking independent multi-line representatives
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Available through Poets Eyewear and open to US residents only.

(All entrants must be 18 years of age or older, unless otherwise stated and/or posted. Retailers and Representative management, employees and their families are prohibited from entering).

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