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Coco Song Eyewear, women’s Italian, handcrafted eyewear which take 6 months to perfect and each collection is inspired by the mysterious culture of the Orient using the finest materials in the world.

CCS Eyewear, the new fresh and versatile line from Coco Song; designed for the modern “it” girl.

La Matta Eyewear for women that have bold, intriguing hues and animal prints inspired by the wild with a tasteful pop of detail.

Robert Rüdger Eyewear an elegant and personality-rich collection designed in Austria for the man that appreciates art and admires architecture.

Genesis Eyewear, the Italian designed unisex line inspired by Pop Art from Lichtenstein to Warhol to Murakami.

And, more lines coming soon for the on trend customer wanting to NEVER EVER BE BORING…

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