Liberating Luxury Eyewear.


POETS is the leading distributor of One of a Kind, Luxury, European Eyewear in the US, Canada, Mexico, South & Central America and the Caribbean.  We currently distribute Coco Song, CCS by Coco Song, La Matta and Robert Rudger Eyewear.

In conjunction with Area98, Poet’s set out to change the US eyewear market by introducing European Eyewear that is modern and sublimely colorful.  Poet’s supports brands uniquely designed, doctor prescribed; but NEVER EVER boring.


Each line was hand selected by CEO, Sylvia Paasch-Oberstein to add color and dimension in the eyewear market.  She chose each line for its quality and artistry and was extremely focused on bringing European couture style in an accessible, ready to wear fashion, for the everyday doctor prescribed accessory.  “Eyewear should be like art and perfectly paired day to day like  fine jewelry. I wanted to help others understand the sophistication and be unafraid of color”. Growing up in Europe, her goal was to bring the culture and arts in which she was accustomed and similarly the unrestrained use of eyewear, to the regions in and around the U.S.  Simply put, Poets is the distributor of LIBERATING LUXURY EYEWEAR.

Poets Eyewear is currently seeking independent multi-line representatives in many states in America. Join our team and help spread the most beautiful frames in the world.

Want to represent? Contact us or email our sales director at to learn more about our comprehensive and generous compensation plan.