Robert Rüdger 2016 Eyewear Collection Unisex eye frames

Within the new Robert Rüdger eyewear collection is the unisex eye frame model RR024, a panto shaped frame made of wood with the upper edge slightly elongated and with a keyhole bridge. The front, just like the temples, is bicoloured, thanks to the skillful combination of different types of wood, revealing an exquisite mastery of manufacturing. The RR024 eyewear frame will be available in the US market soon.

Founded in 1989 by the three Austrian designers Robert Hüttmann, Rudi Himmelfreundpointner and Gerhard Lahner, the Robert Rüdger collection immediately caused a sensation, with its mark and design thanks to  eye-catching optical frame colors in acetate and metal. The unconventional tones, together with easy-to-wear shapes, make theRobert Rüdger eyewear collection one of a kind design criteria.

“We are excited with this collaboration” – Elisio Tessaro, Brand and Product Marketing Director of Area98 said – “Robert Rüdger marks a new era and completely changes the concept of eyewear from medical device to fashion accessory. Area98 has a strong company identity, within the German market where its is  well-established thanks to our La Matta, Kaos and Coco Song collections. With this new eyewear brand we are happy to complete our  approach in the male segment of the optical frame market  – exclusively for men  – the Robert Rüdger collection is now fully enfolded in our portfolio”.

Rudi Himmelfreundpointner: “I am  glad that I have found the right partner, Area98 and to be up and running again internationally. Thanks to the production and marketing expertise of Area98 we will be working together as a team to quickly lead Robert Rüdger eyewear frames to success”.

The Robert Rüdger Mens eyewear collection is available in the USA through Poets Eyewear in Miami, Florida for information on where to purchase use the form below or for retailer inquires you can reach out to us here.

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