Coco Song Eyewear: A Fusion Collection Between Decorative Details And Natural Elements

Coco Song eyewear frames, produced by Area98, are not just accessories but real “jewels” to wear according to your mood and imagination.

Designs that evoke a style in constant fusion between East and West, inspired by symbols taken from nature and the culture of far off countries. The soul of the eyewear brand is expressed in the deep colors of the silks, from violet to fuchsia, from turquoise to lime green, colors that define the personality of a confident woman, who loves to show off her passion but also her most intimate and spiritual side.


Clean Thing, with its squared lines expresses its peculiar bold color combinations and decorative details. A delicate feather rests on silk between the layers of the front and acetate temples, a pictorial element, which is further enhanced by precious and semi-precious stones ‘crowned’ with a glazed Greek fret.


Refined elegance of the Full Moon, in an oval shape, as its name dictates, is dedicated to the female universe in its totally feminine being. Eyewear that wants to impress with contrasting colors of fuchsia and blue or yellow and purple, whilst capable of being bon ton with the timeless black and white and the curious brown and turquoise. The lightness of dried peach blossom and enameled decorations soften this style: a hymn to sophisticated oriental passion.


With Spiritual Girl has feathered elements together with the symbol of ancient Chinese philosophy – yin and yang – reproduced on the temple with the fusion of semi-precious stones that is representative of this collection. For this model too, shades of silk play with vivid, intense combinations, that are timeless.


Travel Mind takes us to the end of our imaginary journey, and, in this bridge between cultures, we find a ‘jewel’: a squared, slightly cat-shaped frame, with a precious enamel decoration in the form of a stylized dragon, the symbol of strength and good fortune, that from the ends of the eyelashes develop along the temples fading into a light feather. One of the iconic and most frequent elements used in the Coco Song Eyewear collection.

The Coco Song eyewear collection is available in the USA through Poets Eyewear in Miami, Florida for information on where to purchase use the form below or for retailer inquires you can reach out to us here.

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